I've had the opportunity to work on some interesting projects. On this page, you'll find many of the projects I've worked on since I started college in 2009. Click a project type below to learn more:

Public Relations projects
Graphic Design projects
Web Development Projects

Note: You can find the majority of my published writing portfolio is listed on my Contently page

Public Relations Projects

Graphic Design Projects

Web Development Projects

Senior Dashboard:

Senior Dashboard is a website geared toward helping senior citizens learn how to use the Internet. For a web development course, I led a small team of peers in assisting the site owner with updating website design and functionality, led focus groups, communicated directly with the website owner to satisfy wants and needs, completed the website in a timely fashion and received course credit.

Multmedia (A/V) Projects

You can find the entire Eliot Bronson interview transcript on Atlanta Music Guide. The audio clip above was created from the recording of that interview as a teaser. *Created using Adobe Audition.

Ghost Volta "Quickies" were video recaps of each day's current events in tech and gaming. In this video, I provided the designed the visuals using Sony Vegas Pro 12 and my colleague, Molly Cushing, provided the voiceover.  

Photography Projects

Coverage at Atlanta Music Guide:

Creative Writing Projects

Portfolio from a Creative Non-fiction Writing course: